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Angela  Parra-McNeely

Angela Parra-McNeely

Financial Planner

Angela has over 22 years experience in the financial industry. She specializes in preparing her clients for retirement with income distribution planning. Angela works with individuals who have worked hard at the American dream, accumulated wealth and now need to evaluate their situation to plan strategies to protect their wealth. She and her team will provide exit and transitional strategies to help individuals transition into retirement.

Angela provides personal wealth management services to financially established individuals and couples entering or near retirement. Working closely with individuals who value independent and professional advice, Angela uses a comprehensive approach to help develop and effectively implement a financial plan. Her process includes investment consulting, consulting with CPA and attorney for advance planning. This approach will allow you to pursue all your financial dreams, more than just taking care of your investments. It also means addressing your advanced planning needs, which includes income distribution, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable giving.

With improvements in healthcare, diet and exercise habits, Americans are generally living longer and enjoying more active and vibrant retirements. Early retirement has also become more common, resulting in many retirees facing the challenge of outliving their retirement assets. Angela subscribes to a unique time segmented, inflation-adjusted strategy. This strategy will help plan to make your pool of money last as long as you need. It can help answer the question, “Do I have enough retirement assets to last my lifetime?”

Angela was born and raised in New Mexico and has been involved in many community organizations, including Rotary, AWAN’s and the chamber of commerce. She enjoys spending time with her four kids, including her two young daughters and two step sons. Her husband, Mike McNeely has retired from the army after 20 years and still serves his country working for the government.  Mike especially enjoys escaping with Angela to the beautiful mountains that make up the Alamogordo basin.